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Greenwich is set alongside the River Thames in SE London, the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site is a famous visitor that includes the Old Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark,. Greenwich will be awarded prime Royal Borough status in 2012 and will also be a host borough for the London 2012 Olympic. Situated  just 20 minutes from central London it is easily reached via the Docklands Light Railway alighting at Cutty Sark.


Maritime Greenwich - World Heritage Site 2016

Welcome to the History of Maritime Greenwich website. London is an awesome city and offers lots and lots of attractions and places to visit. Visiting the city is a pleasure and people prefer visiting historical attractions. The River Thames is an historical landmark in London and passes through centre of London. The river flows through different regions and passes London's famous landmarks and monuments, including the Greenwich Maritime Museum.

Maritime Museums are museums that display items connected to ships and water travel. Many of these maritime museums display historic ships made for the collection into a museum ship. These large beauties require a huge budget to maintain. Many of the maritime museums preserve small or more fragile ships or partial ships within the museum building.Greenwich

Maritime museums also display in their collection interesting pieces of ships for example figureheads or cannons or ship models and miscellaneous small stuff like cutlery, soldier’s uniforms, maps, compasses and other such items that were used then in the ships while they were sail the oceans.

There are thousands of maritime museums in the world. Many of these museums belong to the International Congress of Maritime Museums (ICMM). This government body ICMM is responsible for coordinating the activities of its members, such as their efforts to acquire, to preserve and display their material. The Greenwich Maritime Museum is one such member. If you would like to know more about the History of Maritime Greenwich, please feel free to get in touch.


Greenwich London - Just 25 minutes from Central London

Greenwich is an early-established district of London and the administrative centre of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Situated on the River Thames in south east London, Maritime Greenwich is a World Heritage Site and famous for such historic landmarks as the the Royal Observatory, the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Meridian Line, Longitude 0° and inspirational architecture by Sir Christopher Wren at the Old Royal Naval College.

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Welcome to the history of Maritime Greenwich website, where you can find information about and services that are available to residents, businesses, visitors and tourists. We are committed to promoting equality, and the quality of life for all our citizens, individuals and travellers.

For more information regarding the old Greenwich Maritime website please contact the Greenwich Tourist Information Centre on 0870 608 2000 or tic@greenwich.gov.uk.

Welcome to the History of Maritime Greenwich website. Choosing a cruise along the River Thames gives you the opportunity to enjoy London's wonderful sights and encapsulates the beauty of London.

The Greenwich Maritime Museum, the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, and the House of Parliament are just some of the historical sites that you can see during the journey on the cruise.

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